29 December 2014

Elettra: the missing link

Available on MyFonts the new Elettra, the link between the printing font of the XIX century and perfection of the types created specifically for periodicals in the first half of the twentieth century. The result is quite an elegant character, perhaps much more English than Venetian.

Swash and backswash

Each Latin capital has been provided with two alternative forms, one with an extension to the previous letter (backswash) and one with a stretch in the following (backswash). To access these glyphs simply use the OpenType features of your texts program.
The glyphs with an extension to the following letters adopt the stylistic set 01 or swash feature (for those who use Photoshop or Illustrator, which currently do not have the other property, only the latter is available). Glyphs with an extension to the previous letters use the stylistic set 02, unfortunately not currently available for Photoshop or Illustrator (CC 2014).

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