Small caps for Poliphili

We have finally added small capitals for our late fifteenth century font: the Pholifili published on MyFonts.

The changes are not limited to small caps and below you can find the list of improvements introduced with the new version:

  • added small caps of all capital letters, complemented by numbers and punctuation and the related OpenType feature;
  • added specific punctuation for capital letters (dashes, quotation marks, exclamation and question marks) and the related OpenType feature;
  • completely revised the design of the modern numbers and the original numbers;
  • the design of the mathematical operators and of the brackets and of the integral sign has been completely revised;
  • new design of playing card suit glyphs;
  • added more glyphs for Latin Extended-B Unicode for Croatian, Romanian, Serbian, and Slovenian support;
  • new design of glyphs /B, /S, /Z, /p, /q, /schwa, /Omega /eth;
  • perfected the design of the cursive letters;
  • new design of the swashed capitals.

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