Cybernoid font

The new typeface of the future has finally landed on MyFonts, after a very long journey lasting years of gestation: […]

16 June 2024
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Small caps for Poliphili

We have finally added small capitals for our late fifteenth century font: the Pholifili published on MyFonts. The changes are […]

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This is our interpreted reconstruction of the 1970 Olivetti logo font, where we have tried to recapture the early 70s taste that distinguishes this design.

9 July 2023
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Myth Poster

1989 was one of the most prolific years for System 3, the software house that churned out video game milestones […]

13 May 2023
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Traiano font update

Thanks to the patient interest and advice of Mr. Christian Carey we have updated this font providing specific support for many languages and addet more lapidarian glyphs

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Grano Armando logo

Why create a new original logo, when you can download an image from Wikipedia (Wikimedia Commons) for free? This is […]

8 March 2023
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The Flavium is the most faithful digital reconstruction of the Roman lapidary characters engraved on the marble plaques indicating toponymy […]

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The 1980s laid the foundations for real-time air and space simulation. Alongside simulators such as Flight Simulator (1979-80), Microsoft Flight […]

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Steampunk Bold

inally available the bold style of Flanker Steampunk, the font designed starting from Old Standard, designed by Alexey Kryukov, is […]

9 September 2022
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