Grano Armando logo

8 March 2023

Why create a new original logo, when you can download an image from Wikipedia (Wikimedia Commons) for free?
This is what the designers must have wondered when they created the Grano Armando brand.

In the image below you can compare the design recreated by us in vector format of a coin of Piacenza playing cards on Wikimedia Commons with the Grano Armando logo found on the website of the company that designed it (link, permanent copy, generally logos should be in a different format from JPEG, which, let’s remember, is a compressed format that is mainly used for photographs, not for drawings or logos).

Although the license of the image indicates public domain, this certainly does not mean that the authorship can be claimed: the design is clearly taken from the two of coins of the Piacenza playing cards published by Modiano and they are the copyright owners.

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