Starglider 2 Poster

In 1986 arrived in store shelves Starglider, a sort of space adventure-simulator, vaguely inspired by Star Wars (another video game, […]

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Sing is a 2016 3D computer-animated musical comedy film, produced by Illumination Entertainment, distributed by Universal Pictures and directed by […]

27 December 2016
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American Stencil

This font is derived from the typical painted letters by means of templates that are generally found on vehicles, packing […]

1 October 2016
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Semplicità initials

Finally rebuilt also the initials of the beautiful character Simplicity, added towards the end of the ’30s. It has taken […]

27 March 2016
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Selene Extra Light

A breath of fresh air to Selene, already available on MyFonts in the new version: the 1.100. Changes are many: […]

17 January 2016
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Psygnosis Logo

Psygnosis was one of the most important software houses of the Amiga game scene, founded by Jonathan Ellis, Ian Hetherington […]

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Greek Selene

Selene is enriched by Greek and Cyrillic letters! In addition to adding new glyphs, steps were taken to further improve […]

30 April 2015
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Traiano updated!

Completely rebuilt from scratch the Traiano font, one of the first typefaces created by us, and that, with the perfection of geometries and optical corrections, gave us such a professional typographic lesson!

21 March 2015
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Money is money

Update for the typeface of the last notes in Italian lire, There is nothing money can not buy, completely rebuilt in OpenType format.

7 March 2015
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