Semplicità initials

27 March 2016

Finally rebuilt also the initials of the beautiful character Simplicity, added towards the end of the ’30s.

Semplicità swash

It has taken the opportunity to improve the style of some glyphs, including a letter closed lower case g (a set alternate), the symbol of the greek pi, the at and the symbol of the dollar of the bold series. Particular emphasis was given instead to the capital Eszett, completely revised to better align it with the style of this font.

German SS legature Eszett

Finally, in homage to the beautiful font used for the promising videogame No Man’s Sky, a customized version of Geosans Light, we’ve added three new glyphs in the style set 1 (A without crossbar, a truncated spur S and G with single vertical stem).

No Man's Sky

The whole package is available below or in the original article.


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