Traiano updated!

21 March 2015

Completely rebuilt from scratch the Traiano font, one of the first typefaces created by us, and that, with the perfection of geometries and optical corrections, gave us such a professional typographic lesson!
The typeface was constructed from a very interesting study that Charles Leonard Evetts published in 1938, Roman lettering (A study of the letters of the inscription at the base of the Trajan Column, with an outline of the history of lettering Britain) edited by Isaac Pitman & Sons, London, 1938, edition revised in 1948.

Traiano QTraiano C

The font is available to download below or in the original article.

As always, if you have comments regarding this typeface, requests of glyphs to be added or corrections to report, you just need to write below or send us an email!


File type: application/rar Download size: 87.21 KB Document type: OpenType Font, TrueType Font Document version: 1.206 Document licence: Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-ND 3.0) Date added or updated: 24 December 2015 Download link:
Download Traiano.rar

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