Ustica. The truth after 35 years?

11 August 2016

Whether this is the long-awaited truth or simply an organic collection of all the conspiracy fantasies about Ustica, this book definitely shows at page 40 the Itavia airline logo and at page 106 the camouflage pattern of the right flank of the Libyan MiG-23MS crashed on Sila, designed by us for Wikipedia (respectively Itavia_logo.svg and Libyan_MiG-23MS_right_flank.png, the latter without attribution, as is expressly required by the license).

Itavia logoMiG libico

  • Author: Renzo Martinelli.
  • Title: Ustica. La verità dopo 35 anni.
  • Publisher: Gremese Editore, 2016.
  • ISBN: 978-8884409218.
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