Testimoni del messaggio cristiano

10 October 2012

On the cover of the book by Pope Benedict XVI, Testimoni del messaggio cristiano (Witnesses of the Christian Message), stands the Emblem of the Holy See, designed by us for Wikipedia (see Emblem_of_the_Holy_See.svg).

Inside the jacket reads:

Stemma di Città del Vaticano
Elaborazione di Beppe del Greco

Coat of Arms of the Vatican City
Elaboration of Beppe del Greco

Leaving aside the fact that it is not a coat of arms (there is not a shield), but an emblem, as usual are absent references to where the original image, later elaborated, has been taken.

  • Author: pope Benedict XVI.
  • Title: Testimoni del messaggio cristiano (Witnesses of the Christian Message).
  • Publisher: Mondadori, 2012.
  • ISBN: 978-8804615972.

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