Book: Città del Vaticano

27 July 2012

Image of the coat of arms of Vatican City in front cover.

  • Bibliographic level: monograph.
  • Author: Francesco Clementi.
  • Title: Città del Vaticano.
  • Publisher: Bologna, Il Mulino, 2009.
  • Series: Si governano così (Govern themselves in this way).
  • 978-88-15-13151-5.

The image of the coat of arms is available at Wikimedia Commons, which we licensed under public domain.


Link: Città del Vaticano – book cover in vector format (SVG)
File name: Citta-del-Vaticano-copertina.rar
File contents: Città del Vaticano – copertina.svg
File type: RAR compressed, SVG Scalable Vector Graphics vector image
Dimension: 54 kB

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