Traiano is the result of the interesting and in-depth geometric study of the Roman lettering of inscription at the base of the Trajan’s Column by Leonard Charles Evetts. Indeed, in his book called Roman lettering (A study of the letters of the inscription at the base of the Trajan Column, with an outline of the history of lettering Britain, Isaac Pitman & Sons, London, 1938), Evetts geometrically reconstructs every letter, even providing a possible solution to the modern or missing glyphs (H, J, K, U, W, Y, Z), and suggest an adapted lowercase alphabet.

Roman Lettering E

Based on these geometric constructions, mitigated when necessary to optical harmony and readability of the character needs, the Traiano font was built. According to the original Evetts design in fact, the curves did not go beyond the base line or the upper case line.

Traiano E construction





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